Introducing… Eyemouth Quote Totes

Eyemouth Tote bag and harbour

HELLO, HELLO…Calling all Eyemouth folk past and present – our new line at ReTweed is “Quote Totes” for our Berwickshire villages and neighbouring toons.

First off the line has to be Eyemouth, since it is where our project is based and our Eyemouth Quote Tote is the well kent line used by onyone who is totally scunnered with something…. So if you’ve burnt the dinner – or in our case messed up your sewing project – the standard retort (with much emphasis on the last word!) is “Am gonna chuck it in the herbur”

Not for the first time, all-round good guy, active citizen extraordinaire and Former Eyemouth Harbour Master, Johnny Johnston illuminates the potential origins of the said quote and history behind it a little further….

The genesis of popular adage.. Chuck it in the Herbur is, as rumour has it, linked to the historical local hero William Spears (1812–1885) – celebrated by the bronze statue in Eyemouth Market Place. At great personal risk, Spears led a revolt in 1843 against the tithes on fish levied by the Church of Scotland which were resulting in significant poverty for hard working folk in the fishing industry of the day.  The response to that revolt included the Edinburgh Constabulary heading down to Eyemouth and throwing some of the peaceful protesters in the harbour.  So hence “chuck it in the herbur” became part of parlance when you were annoyed or scunnered with something .

Much of the Scots language across the country is celebrated through heritage tourism – think mugs, coasters, tea towels blazoned with Haud Yer Wheesht , Keep the Heid and one of my favourites,  Lang May Yer Lum Reek. The Scots phraseology and language is kept alive through this kind of tourism marketing as is the Gaelic with cheerio, craic and sláinte (pronounced slaanch) and a popular toast when clinking glasses).

But where is the Borders in all of this? What about the expressions and words specific to our area? Well, we’re about changing that via ReTweed and this is our starting point. Look out for Chirnside next! Followed by a wee bit cross-Border with Berwick where local dialect is full of words with Scots origin.

So order a bag by emailing us on, or you can order one now on our brand new online shop! Keep following, and please do like and share.

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This blog post was written by Hazel Smith – ReTweed Founding Director

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