• A handmade whale, made from blue, green and yellow Berwickshire tartan sits on the beach at Eyemouth
  • Retweed folk outside the Retweed shop in Eyemouth. They are chatting and laughing together, as they hold handmade items from the shop
  • Close up of a stack of upcycled fabrics in the ReTweed workoom. A selection of patterns and designs including pink, green and brown stripes and green and red florals.
  • Close up of hands stitching a section of Tweed fabric in the workroom next to a sewing machine.

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Close up of someones hands selecting fabric from a shelf in the ReTweed workroom

About Retweed

ReTweed is a pioneering and award-winning social enterprise based in the fishing town of Eyemouth in the Scottish Borders. We offer women a new way to think about their futures by investing in their skills and confidence. In our supportive environment, women can enjoy learning new skills, build new connections, find new ways to express themselves and increase their self-belief, encouraging them to move forward in their life’s journey.

We deliver on the Greener Scotland agenda of decreasing carbon footprint by reducing, re-using, recycling and repairing. At least 80% of the textiles we use to make our products are upcycled – we love our planet and aim to get folk thinking creatively about upcycling. Giving a second life to textiles we produce unique, beautiful, useful products and encourage people to make a difference with their purchasing power - buying ethically and sustainably.

Environmental Initiative of the Year 2019: Herald Society Awards