Time well spent with top tailors

Design and Alter building in London

So last week I headed off to the Big Smoke by invitation to meet the creative and talented associates of Design and Alter; an inspiring day all round – meeting entrepreneurs, visionaries and watching master tailors at their work.

D & A’s workshops and studios were a reminder of the architectural adage of “whatever good things we build, build us.’  Creating a working environment in the back streets of Victorian London in the present day with the future in mind is no mean feat.

It is a well-researched fact that our environment (including our work environment) affects our motivation, our ability to be creative, our stress levels, our behaviour and our wellbeing. So D & A have seemingly invested in that concept in their repurposed arches’ premises in Battersea and have inspired me to strive for the same in our humble little community organisation in Berwickshire.

It’s of no surprise to me that incredible clothes made and restyled by D & A are so sought after, so entirely original and so utterly fabulous – since the wellbeing and feel good factor of the space they are designed and manufactured in must be transferred into the garments themselves.

D & A have 4 different tailoring services – they have a Made-to-Measure, for those seeking their own unique style statement. Their Restyling is something of the same ethos; transforming clothes which are often much-loved by their owners but not-so-often worn into something new and contemporary.

design and alter workshop

There is also an Alterations & Designer Alterations Service for individuals and Designer Stores (I saw a few Gucci dresses when I was mooching about their Tailor’s rails!) During Spring and Summer, Designers and Tailors are kept busy with the Bride and Altar (notice the clever play on words) which does what is says on the tin – designs, makes and alters wedding attire.

I got a sneak peek at some of the works in progress and can only say….they were amazing! If you could use the words sublime to describe clothing then D & A would be the place where that adjective would best fit.

It’s a big deal for an exclusive and sophisticated company like D & A to give us their time and show a genuine interest in our work. We hope the inspiration has been a two-way affair.


This blog post was written by Hazel Smith – ReTweed Founding Director

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