If a ReTweed product could talk….

Square mage of Retweed bags

There's more to me than what you see. Let me  tell you how I got here.

Textiles are kindly donated....

Sometimes by people who know they will never get around to making something, sometimes by people who have lost a family member and are keen to see their relative’s loved textiles go somewhere they will be appreciated, sometimes it is surplus stock from shops or businesses. Each piece of textile comes with its own unique story before it is sorted, folded and chosen to become something new.

The volunteers and makers who created me all have their own stories too, each as intricate as a tapestry....

Women working in Retweed workshop

They come together, varied in age and background, to produce me. This is a special time in the workroom. As I am being made, friendships are built, problems are shared, advice is given, stories are swapped, laughter is heard and loneliness disappears for a few hours. Confidence is gained by producing me, not only in sewing but in themselves too and self-belief starts to grow.

So, when you see my picture, perhaps you donated the material that made me, perhaps you are reminded of a forgotten memory through my colour or pattern or perhaps you are thinking about buying me for yourself or as a gift for someone, remember this…..

I am more than just a faceless, mass produced item made on another continent, I am your own little piece of art made with the love, care and pride of my maker right here in the Borderlands.

Be kind to the planet and be kind to each other...

And yes, there may be less expensive versions of me available with another click but remember, you’re not just buying the ‘item’, you are adding to the story.


This blog post was written by Ros Downing, ReTweed Graduate and Maker

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