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Gie Brainy Chirnside tote bag and Chirnside Primary School

So second up after our Eyemouth Quote Tote ”Chuck it in the Herbur” – signifying disgust at something which has gone wrong – is our Chirnside edition. I am personally much amused and grinning like a loony as I type. This adage isn’t steeped in the same history as our Eyemouth Quote, but is more about the character and humour of the locals, and its origins are from the 1970s rather than the 1840s.

Our favourite Chirnsidism is “GIE BRAINY!” Aye, twas the wild boys from the Class of ’77 – aka the worst behaved P7s in the history of Chirnside Primary School – according to the Heedy of the day!

“Gie Brainy” is still popular parlance today. I can testify to hearing the children and young folk of the village still retort thus when they want to indicate…How stupid are YOU?

It’s meant in gentle humour and much irony.  So if someone was to say to you “Ur ee brainy or ur ee gie brainy” they would be expressing tongue-in-cheek disbelief at your foolishness and saying are you plain stupid or are you really stupid.

GIE BRAINY is just one of the examples of how very Scottish Chirnside really is despite its geography. We all know well that a measure of a Scottish persons’ true affection is generally demonstrated through the medium of cheek and insult. Think how many Scots words there are for telling someone thur stupit; like eedjit, dunderhead, numpty and more recent ones, bampot, tube and rocket.

A big shout out to Stoont, Midds, Stuart et al for your ridiculous comedy which has stood the test of time (40 years). We want to see one you 50 year old men for a photo shoot sometime soon – sporting one of these bags for our catalogue; we think one made with somebody’s granny’s tablecloth (with flowers on!) would be most fitting.

Any Chirnsiders past or present who want one of these treasures for getting their messages in from the Co-op, give us shout. PS, my pal Lynn cried with laughter on the phone when I told her what was top of the Chirnside sayings list – hope you do the same!!!

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This blog post was written by Hazel Smith – ReTweed Founding Director

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