Pack of 10 Bordersbags for Retail


Are you a business owner looking for ethical products to sell? Our Bordersbags have been popular with like-minded independent & ethical retailers so we’re now offering the option to purchase 10 bags to retail and share the Bordersbags message.



The everyday bag you will want to use forever.

Our tote bag is so versatile – for work and play, home and away, and of course, for everyday use. Sturdy and roomy, hardwearing and practical, the bag has chunky box corners and long, over-the-shoulder handles. Each Bordersbag is uniquely made by hand. Approx. measurements H 43 cm x W 25 cm x D 10cm.

As the bags are upcycled from curtains that have been donated to us by the public there are very few of each design. As such part of the beauty of the Bordersbags is in the surprise when you unwrap your order.

Use it, love it, spread the word

The Story of the Bordersbag

We recently set up a business incubator for graduates from our training programme keen to develop their own creative businesses. Coincidentally, the new Eyemouth foodbank opened.

Our budding entrepreneurs said “please give us some work!”. The foodbank asked “we don’t want to use plastic bags for handing out food, can you make us some fabric bags?”

With a growing stockpile of donated, once-loved floral curtains, destined for landfill, we replied, yes we can!

This opportunity provided a wonderful platform to launch the manufacturing work of our business incubator. Bordersbags provide an income for our entrepreneurs, bridging the poverty gap many start-up businesses face before establishing a secure customer base. The entrepreneurs also offer bag-making workshops, teaching people in the community to make their own Bordersbag in a bid to reduce reliance on plastic bags.

We hope that Bordersbags will play a part in the global movement to avoid single-use plastic. We hope the bags will be used and re-used, passed from one person to another, initiating new conversations about our lives and our planet, and new ideas on how to reuse waste and reduce our carbon footprint. Crafted without costing the earth, we hope Bordersbags will become a symbol of our community.

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